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Almost three thousand years ago, the Prophet Isaiah asked a simple, earth-shaking question - “Is such the fast I desire?”

With a Jewish community in the throes of prayer and self-negation on Yom Kippur, he saw past the walls of the temple to the poor starving in the streets, the workers oppressed, and the stranger unhoused and attacked.

In his Yom Kippur Haftarah, Isaiah makes it clear that God does not want a fast of “people starving their bodies,” but one of “sharing our bread with the hungry.”

HaShem does not want a Yom Kippur simply of negation and ritual, but of direct service and justice. The fast God desires, Isaiah claims, is one of abundance, not affliction.

Three thousand years later, we are making those words live in Jewish communities throughout the country - through Direct Action and Direct Service on and around Yom Kippur.

Join us by following the links above, or getting in contact below. Let's earn our place (be"h) in the Book of Life together the old fashioned way - through protest, radical resource redistribution, and rebellious disobedience to the status quo.


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